The Hustle Isn’t Free, But It’s Always Rewarded

One thing working at a gym taught me is that there are some people who already completed a workout, made breakfast, finished a project, and opened doors by now….all while you’re sleeping or reading this from the luxury of your house. Putting muscle behind your hustle is not about being up at the crack of dawn, but I realized a lot goes on while others are sleeping.

When I speak in front of small business classes or coach budding entrepreneurs, I always let them know: You won’t be number one ALL THE TIME. Most of us can’t sustain that kind of demand starting out anyway. There will be slow seasons, times when you’re not hot, not poppin’…DRY. But, that’s the time for you to pour back into yourself.

  • Regroup
  • Re-think
  • Strategize
  • Take a class

Put in work while others are sleep on you! The reality is that when we are PUSHED into corners, we have an opportunity to better ourselves.

Sometimes we need to hear “No”.
Sometimes we need it to not work out.
Sometimes we need to encounter blessing blockers.

“The corner” can be a beautiful place, it’s an incubator for greatness.  Corners breed innovation, creativity, resilience, and resourcefulness. Corners make you think outside of the box. Corners keep you humble and make you ask for help. Corners make you trust God and have faith with no back up plan.

It only works if you let it. What are you doing in your corner? Realize your greatness and the strength of who you’re connected to. What ever it is, complain once and get it over with.

You got this.


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