I don’t know about you, but this word has been coming up a lot lately: SUCCESS

(It must be the approaching #NewYearNewMe epidemic)

What does success mean?
What does success look like?
Is success even relevant?

I attended a ceremony honoring the life and legacy of an extremely successful person last week. Someone who I esteemed very highly and whose accomplishments stretch well past my current life span.

The Pastor yielding the last remarks in the ceremony drew a unique contrast between success and significance. Not to diminish anyone’s accolades (because we’re all putting in work), but when it’s all said and done – what will be the impact you leave on this world? What will be your “success story?”

Better yet, what will be your “significance story?”

This week’s word is success, but I’ll let you fill in that definiton for yourself:

/səkˈses/ noun:




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